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Email Essentials for Professionals


Want to make a great impression and get more work done?

When you're working hard and trying to climb the corporate ladder, you want to make a good impression. Sooo, you probably spend more time on email, trying to say the right thing, deciding who to send it to and what to include. I hear you!

Since email is the most widely used form of communication within organizations, you want to get it right.

During this 90-minute master class you'll learn:

* The most common types of punctuation and how to use them
* The correct usage of commonly misused words
* How to effectively use each component of an email to improve engagement
* Proofreading techniques to improve accuracy and avoid the grammar police

Learn the essentials to writing clear and concise email messages and give your professional brand a boost. Mastering email communication will also help you make a good impression, save time and be more productive.

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